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Local chef & bartender opening a New York & Parisian inspired wine shop & tasting bar

Adam Fleischer has spent the past 32 years of his life in the food & drink industry. He opened a small eatery near campus decades ago, he’s worked as a chef, a sommelier, a server, a bartender, and he’s even owned local shops around town in the past.

And he’s not stopping there. Fleischer, his artistic wife, Samantha Smith, and their business partner, Amy Ashcraft, are opening a cozy, New York-meets-Paris inspired wine shop – making this Fleischer’s first time opening his own store from the gro

The Time I Injected Botulinum Toxin Into My Face

I was staring into my bathroom mirror, moving my eyebrows as far up as they could go, and scrutinizing the tiny, soon-to-be-gone wrinkle that sat right above my left eyebrow. Of course, it was only noticeable when I did this frantic eye raising, but that was enough for me to freak out at one of the first signs of…well, me aging, I guess. It was the night before my first injection appointment (I chose Dysport instead of Botox after some obsessive research), and I was so excited to change this par